The specialized physical therapists (PTs) at HealthNow are available for residents in the San Francisco area as well. Our licensed and well-educated health professionals are here for both children and adults at the comfort of their own homes. If you or someone you know has recently suffered from a tragic event which lead to partial or complete lack of mobility, then physical therapy will assist in regaining their strengths for a quicker recovery. Rely on us to help you get back on your feet and feeling better than ever.

Disabling conditions which require physical therapy include and aren’t limited to: intense back pains, heart failures and heart attacks, stroke, recent major surgery, partial parallelization or loss of normal function, injuries induced by falls or other severe traumas to a particular area of the body. Just as much as fully healthy people, those who experience any of these conditions are required to keep physically active for a quick recovery, better blood flow, and to ensure that the injuries areas do not lack further in function later on if left in a constant position over extensive periods of time.

Physical therapy promotes the patient’s ability to move, preventing future disability, and to regain partial or full normal functionality. These therapy sessions are beneficial for the patient to feel active and recover with professional assistance without visiting a hospital or clinic regularly. This is especially valuable for those who do not have constant means of traveling or are not physically capable. Exercises will include massage related techniques against the soft tissue and joints to promote better mobility and decrease pain in the region. Even those who are facing internal health issues will benefit from physical therapy since it relieves the pain from the associated area along with regaining the patient’s strengths.

The specifications of physical therapy differs from patient to patient based on the intensity of the situation, age, and other factors. Those who have back pains or are able to function relatively normally will be guided to lifting and stretching related exercises and the position of sitting or standing will also be decided depending on the case. Physical therapy in the rehabilitation process induces the likelihood of recovery targeted towards the direct issue without other surgical procedures. The therapist will take into consideration all former procedures which the patient has underwent in order to understand the physical capabilities of the person before directing the exercises in a way which will not harm or worsen the ongoing physical issue.

After an initial analysis, the best treatment techniques for the particular case will be decided, approved by the guidances of the doctor related to medication intake as well. The therapist will conduct routine exercises with the patient, and possibly assign less difficult methods which may be done without assistance if required. The patient is advised to wear comfortable clothing which will allow them free mobility in the areas where the pain is concentrated, this typically includes gowns, shorts, T-shirts, and loosely fitted attire. The necessity of physical therapy is conducted until the fully independent mobility of the patient or pain relief in the problem area. Most patients which carry out the recommended exercises outside of therapy hours and after a certain period of assisted care will be able to notice results after approximately one month of sessions, after which they will decide to continue independently or with assisted care.

In order to expect effective results, the health care professional must be patient, compassionate, and calm during the entire process in order to stabilize trust with the patient and create a positive atmosphere. Active communication is also valuable during the sessions since the specialist will constantly determine what alterations to make to the treatment methods in order to best fit the further needs of the patient. The procedures are meant to affect the patient both physically and emotionally with careful guidance and motivation towards their desired outcome. Our skilled therapists with experience in the field are prepared to conduct the therapy in an effective manner despite the severity of injuries or the age of the patient resulting in a successful recovery process which will lead to the independent mobility of the patient.