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Disability Home Care professionals are aimed to enhance and make or easy lives of seniors and persons suffering with disabilities who would like to live independently and with minimal limits in their families and communities. Our professionals from health now Home Healthcare from Alameda County professional staff will take care of your relatives having different kind of mental and physical disabilities, such as brain injury, blindness and low vision, depression, chronic illness, etc.

Don’t let disabilities become a barrier for your relatives toward their continuous and happy life.

People suffering from physical disabilities often have limitations in terms of the physical functioning, mobility. Other physical disabilities include more daily urgent and useful functionalities, such as respiratory disorders, blindness, hearing loss, epilepsy and also can cause continuous sleep disorders. The Alameda County disability home care professionals will help to come up will all of the mentioned above disabilities, thus enhancing live of your relatives and making also your lives easier.

Disabilities can be also intellectual which involves components involving mental functioning as well as functions related to people’s functional skills in their environment. Intellectual disability is subdivided into syndrome intellectual disability, in which intellectual deficits associated with other medical and behavioral signs and symptoms are present, and non-syndrome intellectual disability, in which intellectual deficits appear without other abnormalities.

Individuals suffering from the mentioned above disabilities should have high level care which is suggested by Alameda County professionals from Health Now Home Healthcare as although they have disabilities, but they have the right for normal and continuous life. As the people having disorders commonly have troubles also with normal feelings and have usual nervous disorders, people handling and taking care for them should have high level of calmness, care, and attentiveness.

Professionals from disability home care Alameda County have specific programs related to people physical and mental disabilities. The physical disabilities program includes specific points, included:

  • understanding the disability and how you can help,
  • regularly checking for household hazards, such as loose rugs,
  • installing aids such as hand rails, ramps and a raised toilet seat if needed,
  • arranging help from occupational and physiotherapists,
  • finding support such as counseling or support networks,
  • finding services that provide home maintenance and modifications,
  • Encouraging the person you are caring for to be as independent as possible.

Although people suffering from intellectual disabilities are having troubles with intellectual capabilities but they still can learn and do a lot as a result of supporting and teaching.

Regarding mental disabilities attention should be paid to the following points: intervention should include encouragement of exploration, mentoring in basic skills, and celebration of developmental advances, guided rehearsal and extension of newly acquired skills, protection from harmful displays of disapproval, teasing, or punishment, and exposure to a rich and responsive language environment.

Specific points directed to intellectual disabilities manage provided by our professionals includes:

  • speaking simply and clearly, while directly looking at them, so they can see your eyes and facial expressions
  • asking them to repeat the information in their own words to check they’ve understood
  • using predictable routines
  • presenting tasks and information in a step-by-step fashion, keeping it as simple as possible
  • allowing them to learn or understand by touching, looking and listening where possible
  • being clear and consistent with your expectations to reduce misunderstandings
  • identifying support structures (such as support networks or professional help) that may help them to participate in the home, school, work, and community
  • As people suffering from physical disabilities maybe quite unsocialized, our Alameda County professionals will also take care regarding the developing communication with other people, dealing with stress in disease common situations and breaking borders in other aspects of social life.

As Our professionals from Health Now Home Healthcare are not only concentrated on home care, such as medial, social important points but also in personal care, our Alameda County program also involves bathing and getting dressed, household tasks, such as cooking, shopping, housecleaning, etc.

Professionals dealing with individuals having disabilities should have both medical and social capabilities for getting in touch with patient in both medical and social way by making easier your relatives as well we your lives.

Let our professionals from Alameda County take care of your relatives.

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