During our lives we gather many things, but do we actually need all of them? When we grow old and we need to move from one place to another, we finally understand that we do not need many of the things we have collected.

Understanding how to downsize thee things you have accumulated over the years however, is not an easy task. The entire process is quite demanding both emotionally and physically. You need to start this overwhelming task from somewhere but at the end you will be happy to keep only the things that you really need. So, how to get organized and how to make that easy?

Tips For Clutter Free Living

  • StayRealistic – you will not be able to take everything and you do not need everything, thus first realize how much space you will have and what its limitations are. Then, make a list of the items that you definitely need and start from these items.
  • One Room at a Time – when you are downsizing and packing, do that by starting with one room at a time and usually with the one that is least used. It will have less emotional attachments. Then you can work your way up from there.
  • Keep the paperwork organized – in case that you have lived in one house for a very long time, most probably you have collected a lot of documents and papers. Organize your taxes, medical and insurance documents, as well as the other important documents and get rid of the documents that you no longer needs.
  • Search for an easy storage – after you clear the containers, buy boxes with open lids and use them to store the rest of the documents.
  • Throw the expired items in the garbage – you do not need the expired documents and tax documents older than five years. You also do not need the medicals that have expired dates.
  • Do not be shy to ask for help – the house rearrangement is an overwhelming process. Thus, make sure to ask for help up with the storage boxes. Also, be extra careful when you pick up or move these boxes.

Remember that even if unpleasant task at first, the downsizing and the getting rid of clutter in the long run will make you feel much better. The cleaning out of the old stuff is a wonderful way to start the year healthier. And finally, realize that life is about the experience and the memories you have and is not about the possession of things. The happiness does not hide in the new car or in the new shoes. Thus, live a normal and happy life and treasure your experiences. And if you are tempted to buy more stuff then ask yourself if you will be happier to spend the money on a holiday instead. Yes, you will!

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